3D Computed Tomography is an advanced non-destructive testing (NDT) technique, which allows to explore and inspect the internal as well as the external structure of the workpiece, detecting defects and problems with a metrological precision of some hundredth of a millimeter.

Industrial Tomography System

To be at the forefront of NDT services means equipping your activity with the most advanced technologies. Following this principle, DUEMME SPA invested on a high-power industrial computed tomography system, able to provide an exclusive service, alongside the other company divisions, with the usual reliability and attention to the detail.

We are talking about a high-tech system installed inside a modern structure extending over 400 mq, which combines test rapidity, power, precision, and which allows to perform tomographic scans even on large workpieces with a resolution up to 50 microns.

Thanks to this new division, the company pairs the traditional testing methods with sophisticated tools for volumetric analysis, which are driven by the competency and the expertise of specialized technologists and which provide fundamental elements for diagnostic and evaluation in terms of defects, dimensional accuracy and 3D reconstruction.

This is the most innovative technology in the field of NDT, that represents a fundamental tool also for supporting research and development activities.

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