This control is based on the attenuation variation that the electromagnetic
radiations feels when they meets a various density in their course through
the material subordinate to control.
It is in a position to find defects of volumetric type (inclusions of gas,
slag inclusions) or plane (cracks). It is employed in the control of weldings,
jets, printed products , forged, plastic materials , composites, members
of civil constructions etc.
In his central site,DUEMME is in a position to carry out the control of manufactured
products moving weights until 70 Tons, applying national, European and international
codes with elevated standard of quality and in sure times.
Outside DUEMME operates in companies that realize chemical and petrochemical
plants and their components, and is equipped and specialized in the control
of methane pipe-lines, oil pipe-lines, systems of district heating.

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